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With a product engineered specifically for roofing, you want to do your part in making it last as long as possible. ColorBond steel is a state of the art solution to Australia’s unique climate challenges. It’s made to last and the technology is only getting better.

So keeping up with regular maintenance and repair will not only let your ColorBond roof do its thing but save you money in the long run.

In this article, we’ll remind you why it’s important to do regular roof cleaning, who you should be looking to hire, and what specifically you can do to help your ColorBond roof maximize its product life.

Why Should You Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Houses and buildings are regularly exposed to harsh exterior elements like pollution, road dust, wind, rain, saltwater, storms, and fires. The moisture produced by these elements stick onto the roof and then become a breeding ground for mould, mildew, moss, lichen, algae, and rust.

Left unsupervised, the growth of bacteria and debris build-up over time can cause cracks, leaks, and holes in your roofing structure to form.

The best way to avoid these elements damaging your roof is to have your roof regularly cleaned to maintain the condition of the roofing materials, while simultaneously keeping your roof looking its very best.

Who Should You Clean Your Roof?

Even the sturdiest of roofing structures will suffer from inevitable vulnerabilities and need regular maintenance. While your roof may not require frequent repairs, regular professional roof cleaning is the best possible route to keeping your roof safe from vulnerabilities.

Regular professional roof cleaning can actually extend the longevity of a roof and keep it performing better, for longer.

For minor roof cleaning of light debris–leaves, small branches–if safe to do so and you feel confident enough, you can ascend and clean your roof yourself.

Any larger jobs should be done by professional roof cleaners who understand the best way to clean roof tiles, shingles, or metal layouts.

What is ColorBond Roofing?

If you’re looking to purchase a ColorBond roof, understand that it’s one of Australia’s staple property roofing materials–a goto in modern roof design and technology. ColorBond roofing is simply roofing made from ColorBond steel.

ColorBond is a brand of steel created by BlueScope that’s specifically manufactured for roofing, walling, guttering, and other home building tasks. As a result, you can expect it to be tailored to the unique challenges of protecting your home.

ColorBond is designed for all of your Australian weather needs:

  • Highly durable.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Cold-resistant.
  • Waterproof.
  • Debris and dust resistant.

ColorBond technology is constantly being updated to adjust to the ever-changing environmental conditions in Australia which makes it a low maintenance cost-to-quality option.

ColorBond roofing, like a lot of metal roofing, is designed to be low maintenance. Though roofing tiles come in metal, that layout pattern is usually reserved for organic materials like slate, concrete, and clay. And so ColorBond roofing is designed in large slabs.

Because ColorBond doesn’t have a lot of layering, maintenance is simple and helps the protective coating remain effective. The coatings and paint used for Colorbond are uniquely created to withstand the rays of the sun. Saving you money and creating a comfortable interior temperature.


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How to Clean a ColorBond Roof

The most common cause of preventable damage to a ColorBond roof is the build-up of particles and moisture. Airborne dirt, small sticks and leaves, pollen, and mould will naturally wear your roof down.

It’s important to regularly maintain your roof. Here’s how:

Chemical Washing

Known as a “soft wash”, this method can be easily used to clean your ColorBond roof. In fact, many chemical cleaning products which are designed for general roof cleaning can be used for Colorbond roofing. There are also ColorBond products specifically designed for roof maintenance.

These cleaning agents–which are typically chlorine and sodium solutions–help break down the build-up of moss and algae on your roof without harming the steel.

This method involves:

  • Clearing and brushing any debris off of your roof to prepare for the chemical solution
  • Mixing the cleaning agent with water in a soft wash pump
  • Spraying the chemical solution evenly across your roof–no need to oversoak
  • Either rinsing the solution off with a soft wash water pump or letting the rain wash it off

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a high-strength method that strips away the algae and moss that forms on your roof. It’s possible to rent or use an at-home pressure washer; however, the devices need to be the correct regulation for ColorBond materials.

This method involves:

  • Clearing and brushing any debris off of your roof to prepare for the power wash
  • Mixing the cleaning agent–very diluted, not as strong as chemical washing–in a pressure washer
  • Spraying down the roof


Solvents are a solution to remove stubborn non-water elements that may be impacting your Colorbond roof. Stubborn marks include tar, graffiti, paint, and grease oil.

Essentially, solvents are used for specific, problem areas. Not the entire roof.

Because solvents are meant for targeted areas, they are extremely toxic. Please use extreme caution when handling these chemicals.

The Best Method to Clean ColorBond

When cleaning your Colorbond roof, adhere to the directions on all cleaning products and only use products that are certified ColorBond friendly. ColorBond materials are extremely tough but should be cared for appropriately. The method you choose to clean your roof is ultimately up to you.

There are eco-friendly solutions and chemically powerful and less powerful solutions on the market. Which you choose depends on your budget, environmental concern, and comfort level. If you’re at all doubtful in your abilities to clean your own roofs, please reach out to a professional.

In fact, we absolutely recommend you hire a professional. Any errors in cleaning your roof properly can lead to wasted time, money, and maybe future damages from unchecked algae and moss or damages to your surrounding property.

It pays to let professionals handle your roofing tasks.

We are the best providers of roofing and gutter cleaning services throughout New South Wales so please don’t hesitate to call our trusted team of roof and gutter experts. We’re here to help.

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