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Failing to regularly clean and maintain your roof can lead to astronomical costs to your finances in the future. Cleaning your roof is an essential part of keeping many aspects of your property from causing you stress, time, money, and even life.

Depending on the condition of your roof, you can see:

  • Damage to the roof itself–shingles, tiles, roof vents, gutters, etc.
  • Damage to walls and interior property due to roof leaks–mould, peeling paint, etc.
  • Damage by insect or animal infestation.
  • Critical damage to key structures of your property–roof decks, rafters, load-bearing beams, etc.
  • An overall decrease in your property value.
  • Many more costs.

If you’re not proactive, putting off proper roof maintenance can spiral out of control quickly. When doing your mandatory roof cleaning, you should know the amount of money you’re looking to spend and who you’ll be looking to spend it on.

Let’s discuss the factors that go into roof cleaning, who to hire if needed, and how, by using preventive maintenance, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches in the future.


Why Should I Have My Roof Cleaned?

Houses and buildings are regularly exposed to harsh exterior elements like pollution, road dust, wind, rain, saltwater, storms, and fires. The moisture produced by these elements stick onto the roof and then become a breeding ground for mould, mildew, moss, lichen, algae, and rust.

Left unsupervised, the growth of bacteria and debris build-up over time can cause cracks, leaks, and holes in your roofing structure to form.

The best way to avoid these elements damaging your roof is to have your roof regularly cleaned to maintain the condition of the roofing materials, while simultaneously keeping your roof looking its very best.

Who Should Clean My Roof?

Even the sturdiest of roofing structures will suffer from inevitable vulnerabilities and need regular maintenance. While your roof may not require frequent repairs, regular professional roof cleaning is the best possible route to keeping your roof safe from vulnerabilities.

Regular professional roof cleaning can actually extend the longevity of a roof and keep it performing better, for longer. For minor roof cleaning of light debris–leaves, small branches–if safe to do so and you feel confident enough, you can ascend and clean your roof yourself.

Any larger jobs should be done by professional roof cleaners who understand the best way to clean roof tiles, shingles, or metal layouts.

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

There are two main ways to clean a roof. One method relies on chemical or natural, high-quality roof cleaning products to give a roof a “soft wash” and chemically remove the bacteria build-up on the roof. The alternative method is using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the roofing materials.

Most roofing materials will benefit more from a soft wash, as high-pressure cleaning can often be too harsh for older or vulnerable roofs. However, a professional roofing company offering high-pressure cleaning services will have the skills and experience to use just the right amount of pressure on any type of roof, to avoid the machine damaging the roofing materials.

How Much to Clean a Roof?

There is no set price for roof cleaning, as a roof with a simple design and in good condition will be easier to clean than a roof with a more complex design that has suffered years of neglect.

Generally, the more labour required, the more it will cost to have your roof cleaned. Always call for accurate, market-competitive quotes, but in general roof cleaning prices vary by state.

The least expensive is Western Australia, with rates of $38 per hour. In Queensland, expect to pay $50 per hour. In Sydney and New South Wales, costs can be as high as $80 per hour.

How Much to Pressure Clean a Roof?

How much it costs to specifically pressure clean a roof will depend on the factors listed below.

Pressure cleaning is only recommended for certain roofing materials, so rather than using the price to determine how you want your roof cleaned, it’s best to get the advice of a roofing professiona

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Cleaning A Roof

1. Roofing Materials

Your roofing materials will be a large determining factor for how much to clean a roof. The roofing company will take a look at the type of roof you have and use that to determine a quote.

Metal and concrete roofing materials are relatively easy and less expensive to clean than say, terracotta or clay tiles. Terracotta roofs tend to get more algae and moss build-up, are more challenging to clean, and the cleaning professionals have to be very careful on terracotta roofing.


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2. Roof Design

The design of the roof will also heavily influence the costs of your roof cleaning. Roofs with more complicated sloping and design will cost more than simple flat roofs. Additionally, larger roofs will also naturally cost more to clean than smaller single-level roofs.

You need to consider the size and design of your roof and how much surface area is involved when thinking about how much you’re going to spend.

3. Scope of Project

When considering a roof cleaning project, professional roof cleaners will take a look at the overall work involved.

The scope of the project means considerations like how accessible the roof is, the current condition the roof is in, and how much labour is required

The condition of the roofing materials will be one of the most important factors when determining how much to clean a roof. If a roof is relatively clean and undergoes regular maintenance, it will cost less to clean than a roof that is suffering from extensive moss or algae growth and has been neglected.

Roof Cleaning is Ultimately Preventative Maintenance

Having your roof professionally cleaned is a form of preventative maintenance. While roof cleaning costs may seem like just another unnecessary household expense, preventative roof cleaning will actually end up saving you money in roof repair costs.

Neglecting your roof for long periods of time will eventually result in the need for roof repairs, restorations, or even rebuilds. Professional roof cleaning prevents moisture, bacteria and debris from building up and potentially damaging vulnerable areas of a roofing system.

The more frequently you have your roof inspected and professionally cleaned, the less likely you are to have to deal with pesky roof leaks and expensive roof repairs.

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