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Painting your roof is an easy way to increase your home’s value as well as a way to start the process of assessing your roof for maintenance and repairs.

If you’ve been putting off inspecting your roof for needed repairs to fascia, gutters, vents, or other small damages, painting–yourself or hiring a professional–is a great way of giving yourself a chance to walk around and do so.

The first step is to get painting though. So how much should it cost? What goes into the cost? How does the professional painting process work?

In this article, let’s break down the factors that go into costing a professional roof painting, how to navigate certain challenges, and ultimately how to make a final decision.

What are the Steps to a Professional Roof Painting?

Painting your roof is a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your home and extend the longevity of your roofing materials. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap way to give your property some new life as well as maintain its value, roof painting is it.

Professional roof painting is a specialised task that requires appropriate equipment and safety precautions. With some knowledge, it is possible to paint your own roof. However, if you want to save time and rest easy knowing the job gets done properly, roof painting should be handled by a professional painter.

Firstly, they are properly insured for these jobs in the case that anything goes wrong. Secondly, they are trained and have much more experience in proper safety and equipment handling.

Though it may cost more than doing it yourself, you can be much more confident that the job gets done to a high standard.

Let’s take a look at the roof painting process.

1. Assessing the Roof

The first step is to assess your roof’s condition. A comprehensive assessment early on will identify any potential problems or areas that may be particularly challenging for painting.

Any roofing components that need to be repaired before painting can start will be noted in this step. This is where roof vents, fascia, roofing materials like shingles, tiles, metals, and more are checked for damage.

2. Repairing the Roof

After the assessment is done, any repairs that need to be worked on are completed before priming your roof for roof paint.

3. Clearing & Cleaning the Roof

For the best possible paint adhesion and finish, roof paint projects will begin with a thorough roof cleaning. Debris will be cleared off before a pressure cleaner is used to make sure any sediment, oils, and dust are completely removed from your roof’s surface.

Cleaning a roof before painting is an essential part of a smooth application. Improper preparation can result in poor adhesion and the roof paint peeling off sooner than you want.

4. Priming the Roof

Depending on the roofing material and the paint type, a roof may benefit from a preparatory application of a primer. Roof primers support adhesion, act as a base for paint, and protect certain roof metals from corrosion.

5. Painting the Roof

The process of roof painting depends on the roof paint being used. There are many different high-quality paints, painting methods, and procedures that apply to different types of roofs.

Your roofing contractor will find the best route for your house and its design. The painting process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days.


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How is Roof Painting Cost Determined?

How much it costs for a professional roof painting depends on some key factors. Generally, the factors your contractor will be considering are:

Scope of Project

Your painter will consider the overall scope of the project when giving you an estimate. This includes how much labour is involved, the time it takes to complete the job, and any unforeseen complications along the way.

The entire project may not be as simple as painting your roof. The scope might expand to include repairing or replacing other roof components like your fascia boards, soffit, vents, or roofing material (shingles, tiles, metals).

If it’s determined that work needs to be done on other roofing components before your roof can be primed and painted, the overall cost estimate for the project will increase.

Accessibility and Safety of Roof

How accessible your roof is will influence the overall cost estimate for your roof painting.

If it’s difficult for the contractors to get their equipment into the worksite or simply navigate your roof’s design, the added labour will increase the final bill. Complex roof designs can make it precarious for roofing contractors to easily get around, whereas simpler roofs are the opposite case.

If the roof is in a relatively poor condition and thus more hazardous, this can increase your final bill as well.

Roof Size and Design

Naturally, it will cost more to paint a larger, as opposed to a smaller, roof. Properties with more than one floor and pitched roof designs will also cost more in the end.

The type of roofing material might also dictate the end price. Tiled or shingled roofs will require a roof tile paint specifically designed to adhere to rougher surfaces.

Type of Roof Paint

Different roofs, not always, might require different types of roof paint. For instance, roof tile paint might differ from roof metal paint. 

Some options for roof paint include:

  • Acrylic Coatings
  • Silicone Coatings
  • Polyurethane (Aliphatic)
  • Single-Ply Membranes

How Much Does Roof Painting Cost?

Roof painting rates can vary from company to company. However, the key factors listed above make sure that quotes from different companies don’t differ too much.

While some roof painters can provide approximate prices over the phone or online, the actual cost of a roof paint project can only be determined after the roofer completes an on-site inspection.

We absolutely recommend you hire a professional. Any errors in painting your own roof properly can lead to missed spots leaving parts of your roof exposed to the elements. This can lead to water leaks which can lead to mould, rot, electrical fires, or complete structural damage to your property.

It pays to let professionals handle your roofing tasks.

Ultimately, we can’t give you any hard and fast painting rates in this article, roof painting prices fluctuate with the price of materials and supply and demand in the labour market.

What we can do is help guide you through the process and give you accurate estimates in one-on-one consultations. We are the best providers of roofing and gutter cleaning services throughout New South Wales so please don’t hesitate to call our trusted team of roof and gutter experts. We’re here to help.













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