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A tiled roof offers that quintessentially Australian look. You want to keep it that way. Durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance, millions of Australian homes have been constructed with some form of tiled roofing materials over the years.

Whether you live in a coastal area, a rural and rugged region, or within the inner suburbs of Sydney, there’s still so much to be said for sturdy, tiled roofing. Tiled roofing can last as long as 50 years if well looked after. Inevitably, your tiles are going to become damaged–whether by natural wear and tear or by a strong weather event. This means understanding how to maintain and repair your roof tiles.

Failing to fix your roof tiles will leave your home open to more damage:

  • Leaks causing water damage.
  • Increased moisture leading to mould in your attic and walls.
  • Insect and animal infestations.
  • Lowering home value.

You know you have to repair your roof tiles now to keep from paying more money later, but you don’t know how much it will cost. Let’s talk about types of tile roof repairs, how much it costs in Sydney, and how all of this will help you save money and keep your family safe.

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There is one big problem you might run into when determining the cost of your tile roof repair. It doesn’t happen often, but you need to know about it because it will increase the cost of your repair bill. We’ll get to that in a moment. For now, let’s discuss the direct factors that will always influence how much your tile roof repair will cost.

There are two direct factors:

How much it will cost to repair the tiles on your roof will primarily be determined by the type of damage to your tiles.

Do you have loose roof tiles?

If your roof tiles are intact but just loose, you can hire a professional to re-nail the tiles to the roof button/lutz or re-caulk the roof tiles into place.

If you’re experienced with fixing roof tiles, then you can avoid the labor costs associated with hiring professionals.

If there is any damage to the undertaking–a protective layer that sits underneath your roof tiles–you’ll want to hire a professional to repair your tiles.

Are your roof tiles chipped, cracked, and broken?

If your roof tiles are broken, depending on the severity, they’ll have to either be repaired or completely replaced. In the case of complete tile replacement, you’ll be looking for what a tile roof cost is in the Sydney construction market.

Whichever the case, this type of damage needs to be handled by a professional contractor experienced in fixing roof tiles.

Are some of your roof tiles missing due to weather or animals?

Like damaged roof tiles, you’re looking at the cost of complete tile replacement for the missing tiles. Depending on your comfort, this job can be done by you or a professional roof contractor.


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How Much Do Your Roof Tile Materials Cost?

The total cost of your tile roof repair will depend on the type of tiles you currently have and the number of square meters needed to be repaired or replaced.

Be sure to speak with your contractor for competitive quotes, but in general, for different tile material you’ll be looking at (per square meter):

  • Concrete roof tiles: $45-$65
  • Clay roof tiles: $104
  • Terracotta roof tiles: $80-$110
  • Slate roof tiles: $200-$500
  • Solar roof tiles: $320

My Roof Rafters are Damaged, How Much Does it Cost to Repair It?

This is the worst-case scenario when dealing with the cost of tiling. If the damage to your roof is severe enough or has been allowed to go unrepaired, leaks might have caused enough damage to your roof rafters or trusses. If this is the case, you will have to pay to have your rafters or trusses repaired or completely replaced.

After getting your roof rafters repaired, if your old tile roof can’t be saved, you’ll have to consider a total tile roof cost into your final bill. This cost has to be assessed by a professional roof contractor. Another unrelated cost you should look out for is mold. If you find mold as a result of damage to your tile roof, the cost of hiring professionals to remove the mold will range from $500 to $4000.

How Much Should Roof Repair Cost in Sydney?

So how much should you be looking to spend when repairing your tile roof? It depends on the factors above. To give you some idea of the differences in why the price of some roof tiling differs between materials we can look at concrete and clay roof tiles.

Concrete Tile Roof Repair Costs

Concrete tile roof repair costs are relatively low when compared to traditional tile materials.  Generally speaking, concrete tiles are low maintenance, durable, and require very little work throughout the life of a roof. If areas of a concrete roof do become damaged, it’s a relatively straightforward repair job involving replacing a few tiles. For this reason, concrete tile roof repair costs come in at a much lower price than terracotta, slate, and other roof tile materials.

Clay Tile Roof Repair Costs

Clay tile roof repair costs are generally very expensive, especially when compared to concrete. Clay tiles are known for their high aesthetic value. The traditional style and heat-resistance of terracotta and clay tile roofing mean that they are an Australian favorite for residential properties.

This style combined with how they are manufactured means that these tiles, though durable, are more delicate when compared with something like concrete. Clay tile roof repair costs will naturally come at a higher price because of the material and handling costs.

Average Tile Roof Repair Cost in Sydney

Always speak with your contractor to get competitive and accurate prices, but generally for the cost of tiling you’re looking at $55 per hour or about $250 – $500 per square meter of roof.

There are online roof repair cost estimator’s out there, but we recommend speaking with us to get accurate, market-competitive quotes.

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