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Roof repairs are an unavoidable cost when owning a property. A year doesn’t go by where there isn’t some hole being patched, shingle being glued, flashing being nailed, or gutter replaced.

A complete roof replacement cost is something unlikely to be in your future. What’s more likely given Australia’s evolving climate is roof leaks, damaged shingles, dented or stripped metal, or insect and animal infestation.

Knowing how much general roofing problems cost is a great way of future-proofing your budget.

In this article, we’ll discuss how roof repairs costs are usually calculated and what you can expect in specific roofing challenges.

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How is the Cost of any Roof Repair Determined?

Giving an accurate roof repair cost estimate involves many factors. It doesn’t matter what the problem with your roof is–whether or not you have a clay, slate, or concrete tile roof or aluminium or ColorBond steel roof–the process for calculating a quote is the same.

Let’s go over some of the factors involved when determining a roof repair cost estimate.

Scope of Project

Your roof contractor will consider the overall scope of the project when giving you an estimate. This includes how much labour is involved, the time it takes to complete the job, and any unforeseen complications along the way.

The entire project may not be as simple as repairing the target problem. The scope might expand to include repairing or replacing other roof components like your fascia boards, soffit, vents, or roofing material (shingles, tiles, metals).

If it’s determined that work needs to be done on other roofing components before your leaking roof can be fixed, the overall cost estimate for the project will increase.

The project timeline also plays a key role in the final price. The longer the repairs are projected to take, the higher the final bill becomes.

Accessibility and Safety of Roof

How accessible your roof is will influence the overall roof repair cost estimate.

If it’s difficult for the contractors to get their equipment into the worksite or simply navigate your roof’s design, the added labour will increase the final bill. Complex roof designs can make it precarious for roofing contractors to easily get around, whereas simpler roofs are the opposite case.

If the roof is in a relatively poor condition and thus more hazardous, this can increase your final bill as well.

Roofing Materials

The roofing materials needed to complete the repairs of course influence the final bill of sale.

Depending on the quality of material, current economic conditions, and materials not just needed, but suggested to complete the job properly, roofing materials can be the second most expensive item in the estimate–behind labour of course.

Always make sure to speak with your contractor for accurate, market competitive quotes before making final decisions.

Unforeseen Costs

As mentioned in ‘Scope of Project’, if it’s found that other damage either related directly or indirectly to the target repair needs to be repaired first, that work needs to be remedied before work can start on your original problem.

For example, if the damage to your roof is severe enough that there is damage to your roof’s rafters or trusses, you will have to pay to have that critical infrastructure repaired first.

Additionally, if you’re property is found to have mould, you’ll need to hire professional cleaners to make the area safe for construction work. Removing mould generally ranges from $500 to $4000.


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Calculating a Leaking Roof Repair Cost Estimate

If roof leaks aren’t repaired right away, the resulting damage could spread to more than just your roofing components. When a roof leak happens, your property is at risk for mould growth, wood rot, and content damage. You and your family and friends might be at greater health risks as well.

It’s important to have an idea of how much repairing roof leaks cost in your area. Generally, you’re looking at anywhere from $300 to $1200 with $150 being for a really easy roof fix.

While some roof contractors can provide approximate prices over the phone or online, the actual cost of a roof leak repair project can only be determined after the roofer completes an on-site inspection.

We absolutely recommend you hire a professional. Any errors in fixing your own roof properly can lead to more damage to your roofing structure. This can lead to more severe water leaks which can lead to mould, rot, electrical fires, or complete structural damage to your property.

Calculating a Tile Roof Repair Cost Estimate

Whether you live in a coastal area, a rural and rugged region, or within the inner suburbs of Sydney, tiled roofing is one of the most durable options on the market.

Tiled roofing can last as long as 50 years if well looked after but inevitably, your tiles are going to become damaged. Always speak with your contractor to get competitive and accurate prices, but generally for the cost of roof tile work you’re looking at $55 per hour or about $250 – $500 per square meter of roof.

There are online roof repair cost estimator’s out there, but we recommend speaking with us to get accurate, market competitive quotes. To give you a general idea of cost per meter for some popular roof tile options:

  • Concrete roof tiles: $45-$65
  • Clay roof tiles: $104
  • Terracotta roof tiles: $80-$110
  • Slate roof tiles: $200-$500
  • Solar roof tiles: $320

Calculating a Gutter Repair or Replacement Cost Estimate

Gutters work by directing the water that falls down your roof into a downspout. Downspouts are then designed to carry the water from gutter troughs down to the ground where it can run off to a larger drainage system.

The cost of repairs or replacing gutters really depends on the extent of the damage and the costing factors listed at the beginning of this article.

To give you some general numbers you’ll be looking at, here are some approximate prices for the cost of gutters–specifically: vinyl, aluminium, steel, and copper replacement options:

  • Vinyl: $3 to $5 per linear foot
  • Aluminium: $6 to $12 per linear foot
  • Steel: $9 to $20 per linear foot
  • Copper: $25 to $50 per linear foot

For labour costs in Sydney you’re looking at around $60 an hour; Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, $55; and Perth, $50. For average total gutter project costs, you would be looking at:

  • $1900 for guttering on a small home (7m X 11m)
  • $3000 for guttering on a larger home

Calculating a Metal Roof Repair Cost Estimate

Metal roofs are a great, cost-effective and lightweight alternative to stone-based tile roofs. However, they do come with unique challenges. In general, for metal roof repair, you’re looking at between $48 to $58 per square metre.

For recoating due to corrosion of the protective layer on your metal roof, you can expect to pay $2,000 to $7,000. This includes the cleaning, preparation, and the actual procedure. Generally, roof painters charge an hourly rate of $35 to $55.


No matter what roof repair you’re looking to handle in your future, you need to equip yourself with knowledge. As we stated above, the prices we’ve listed are general estimates and can absolutely vary given current economic conditions.

We absolutely recommend you consult with professional roofing contractors about the problems you’re having. Any mistake you make in trying to do repairs yourself with inadequate equipment and safety standards can lead to further damages to your property or worse your life.

It pays to let professionals handle your roofing tasks. We are the best providers of roofing and gutter cleaning services throughout New South Wales so please don’t hesitate to call our trusted team of roof and gutter experts. We’re here to help.

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