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Have you ever wondered about how your roof manages to keep your home safe from even the most severe weather? It’s easy to forget about just how important your roof is when it comes to having a comfortable and happy life.

As simple as it may seem, your roof by itself is a complex structure, with a number of other layers for support, including sarking. You might’ve heard that roof sarking helps to protect your roof from the elements, like rain and fire. But what exactly does it mean to add sarking under your roof, and why is it necessary?

Here’s everything you need to know about roof sarking:


Roof sarking at its core is the use of a special, pliable layer inside your roof that helps to prevent any buildup of moisture that could cause problems in your roof cavity. Sarking also prevents flammable materials in your roof’s insulation from catching fire during bushfire season.

Despite its major role in protecting your roof, sarking is often overlooked in terms of its significance. In fact, many people tend to think of roof sarking and roof insulation as being the same thing. 

However, the sarking and insulation in your roof play different parts in keeping your roof in good working order. While insulation helps with regulating the temperature in your home, sarking minimizes the moisture content inside your roof.


Generally speaking, roof sarking is constructed from a layer of aluminum foil that’s laminated in a non-permeable material. In many cases, the kind of sarking materials used help to improve the insulation in your roof while adding a barrier against condensation and undesirable moisture.


Although roof sarking may not be mandatory, it’s still an effective way to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars in roof repairs in the long run. That means it’s not so much a question of whether sarking is necessary, but whether or not the price of sarking your roof now outweighs the cost of potential damage to your roof in the near future.

That’s why you should look at the purpose of roof sarking as helping you to both

  1. Support your roof in keeping you and your home safe
  2. Protect the value of your property in the long run.


Roofing & Guttering Work?


If you know you already have roof sarking installed, it’s best to have a licensed professional come and inspect your roof for you. Our team of experts have all the necessary equipment and tools to thoroughly check your roof for any problems with your sarking.

Even if you can gain access to your roof, you need expert knowledge to help determine whether or not the sarking under your roof needs to be replaced entirely or can be partially repaired. Having the right people help you can mean the difference between living comfortably in your home and constantly worrying about whether or not your roof is keeping the elements out.


There are quite a few steps involved in the process of adding sarking to your existing tile or metal roof. These include:

  1. Check with a local roof sarking supplier to find high-quality sarking materials and sheets.
  2. Calculate the dimensions of your roof to determine the size and number of sarking sheets you need to purchase.
  3. Remove the ridge capping on your roof to do away with roof tiles and clips.
  4. Undo all the clips that are fastening roof tiles. Replace any damaged clips or tiles with new ones after the sarking installation.
  5. Dismantle any battens to help install sarking under your roof
  6. Fit the sarking sheets into the roof cavity carefully.
  7. Reinstall the roof battens after laying the sarking sheets.
  8. Relay the roof tiles to cover the roof.
  9. Reinstall the ridge capping.

To avoid any fatal mistakes when adding sarking to your roof, it’s best to hire certified roofers to help make sure the sarking is installed correctly and won’t need to be repaired later.

The Benefits of Roof Sarking Minimizes Moisture in Your Roof

One of the biggest benefits of roof sarking is prevention from moisture, water vapour, and a build-up of mould that could jeopardize the health of your roof. Sarking creates a waterproof barrier in your roof that blocks any water that might leak in through the gaps and breaks in your roof. Without sarking, water could potentially seep into the roof cavity, leading to various structural issues.

Safeguards Your Roof Against Extreme Weather

In addition to protecting your roof from water damage, sarking also provides another layer of security against embers, sparks, ash, smoke and other debris. In more urban settings, sarking helps to keep out dust and other contaminants, so you can breathe more easily in the comfort of your own space.

Protection During Construction

If you’re in the process of building your new home, adding sarking to your roof is an easy way to keep your house’s frame dry and away from the detrimental effects of exposure to rain. Contact your local roofing experts to discuss roof sarking installation in your brand new home today.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Along with proper insulation, roof sarking is a cost-effective way to save you money spent on keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because sarking specifically helps to reflect excess heat while keeping out unwanted moisture, it also helps to regulate the temperature in your home, without spending more than you need to on electricity to power your home’s heating and cooling systems. That means less emissions and lower energy bills all throughout the year.


The cost and price of replacing your roof sarking will depend on how much of it needs to be replaced and the kind of new roof sarking material you’d like to have installed. The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll need to pay is by reaching out to your local roofing experts. Once you get a team of professionals to inspect your roof for you, you’ll have a better sense of how much of your sarking needs to be replaced, and how much that will cost you.

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