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Sydney Roofing and Gutters supplies and installs high quality Aluminium gutter protection systems to a wide range of buildings. We have experienced people to work on it. They are well trained and license holders to do this job.

Here at Sydney Roofing and Gutters we have all varieties of guttering materials that you need for your home or commercial project.  One of the materials we specialize in is Aluminium gutters. Why are we specialized in Aluminium gutters? Because it is best suitable in water. It stays longer even in wet conditions. It’s life is long lasting that’s why we offer Aluminium gutters for you  to stay relaxed at home for a longer duration. You need to worry about its repair and restoration just after 6-8 months of installation.

Gutter Guard Specialists

Here are three steps we follow to ensures your gutters are kept free of leaves and debris.

    • First we inspect your gutters to make sure they are in good order, and if they have existing leaf guards, or gutter mesh that are in bad shape we remove it.

    • Then we clean your gutters. Our gutter cleaning service makes sure nothing is trapped in the gutters before we install the gutter guards.

    • The final step is the gutter guard installation. We make sure your gutters are protected, clean and looking good with no mess and no fuss, before we leave. So if you need a gutter guard in the Sydney area, we are your guys.

      Note: Before installation, we inspect the complete gutter system along with you to check whether there is anything left or not. We believe in transparency in our work. Our guys will only leave your place until you are happy with our services. We want our clients to have a smile on their face after work completion. You need not to do anything there just relax and watch our guys rest; they are good enough to do their respective work by themselves. To protect aluminium gutter, we apply aluminium gutter guard in a systematic way to look beautiful.

Advantages of an Aluminium Guttering System

Aluminium gutters offer the following advantages:

    • Manufactured in continuous lengths at your door

    • No seams mean no leaks at troublesome joints

    • Completely rustproof, unlike steel, aluminium cannot rust

    • Made from the heaviest 0.7mm aluminium gauge material

    • Aluminium cannot crack or go brittle

    • Pre-Painted oven-baked factory finish, the best available

    • High gloss two coat silicone modified polyester finish, endures the harshest Australian climate

    • Choose from our extensive colour range

    • Tough and Durable – conforms with Ladder Performance AS2179 Test

    • Innovative Gutter Design allows for low front, high back, or overflow holes ensure that your house is protected from overflow and blockages

    • Concealed Aluminium internal brackets support a stronger streamlined gutter

    • Stainless steel non rusting spiral nails provide superior pull-out strength

    • Our gold licensed craftsmen complete the installation according to our exact requirements, fuss free, in less than a day

    • Old guttering is removed from site – your property is left spick and span, awaiting inspection by our supervisor

    • Comprehensive written warranties covering workmanship and material

    • It saves you from getting electric shocks which is very common on rainy days.

    • Aluminium is a long lasting element with a very light weight.

    • It is non-toxic in nature.


      After knowing the advantages of aluminium,You must be thinking of installing aluminium gutters at your residence. Contact us at 0405092779  for free quotes.

Aluminium Leaf Guards

You must have gone through your gutter blockage during the thunderstorm by  falling off leaves into gutters. Aluminium gutter guards will protect your gutter from falling leaves into your gutter. This problem will drown off if few trees are just above your gutters.For light to medium leaf problems, an internal corrugated aluminium leaf guard system is suitable, which sits inside the gutter above the internal brackets and stops leaves reaching the lower section of the gutter, allowing a clear area for water to flow.

This system involves a small amount of maintenance, as it is necessary for the built up leaf matter to be periodically removed from above the Leaf Guard system. This leaf guard system is not visible from any point, and therefore is only available in a non-painted finish.

The installation of a Leaf Guard system attempts to avoid problems such as blockages, rust, overflows, and vermin entry. 

By having Gutter Guard installed your gutters and valleys will remain free from leaves and rubbish which cause your downpipes and gutters to overflow.

Leaf Guards are also available in :

  • Stainless Steel

  • Zincalume

You must be thinking what if somehow smaller leaves fell down into the gutter and blocked it. We have a solution for this, let’s check what we have for you.

Aluminium Gutter Mesh

One of the gutter guards we use is made from aluminium mesh and is designed to allow leaf litter to slide off the roof while still allowing rainwater to pass through the mesh into the gutter, providing the ultimate in gutter protection. Water will pass away and leaves will filter out there. This is the new technique we are using to save your gutters from blockage.We are a leading aluminium gutter supplies in Sydney. We have a genuine solution for all your problems related to your aluminium gutter guards, Call us with your problem and leave with a proper solution by our experts.


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Yes, we specialise in metal re-roofs. It's a popular thing now, looks nice and longer lasting. Easy to install and lightweight, no rusting issue.easy to bend in desired shape. We use the best quality metals at a very reasonable price. We are best in our field that’s why we are growing day by day.

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Yes,We do both gutter repairs & installation no matter the size. We have highly qualified and licence holder people to do all kinds of guttering work whether it is installation, repair or maintenance work. Work size doesn’t matter for us.What matters for us is clients happiness after work completion.

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