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What Our Clients Say

We engaged DBRconstructions & Sydney Roofing & Gutters to re floor our home. They had an extensive range to choose from, (we chose blackbutt flooring) very happy. Very good Roofing and carpentry company.



Excellent eye for detail. Quality workmanship, they built a magnificent pergola around our pool. Perfect for entertaining our Guests we are extremely happy with their work!!



The boys, converted our living room to a spacious area new walls, new doors and more! nothing was a problem. The job was completed on time. Very satisfied.



Your Commercial Roofing Contractor and Specialist in Sydney

Who We Are?

We are leading gutters and commercial roofing services provider in Sydney. We are located in New South Wales and we operate all suburbs in Sydney. We have highly talented and creative people to work. They all are well trained and license holders too. Our team members are polite and cooperative as well. Our motive is to work as per the client’s expectations with a minimum budget. Not only do we do our work but we advise our clients on how to take care of things for longer life. People love to work with us and that’s the reason we are expanding our services day by day.

What We Do

Sydney Roofing and Gutters is the top Commercial Roofing Company in Sydney that people call when they need commercial roofing done. Our commercial roofing contractors stand behind our work and only provide quality craftsmanship when performing all the work on your roof. Not only do we install roofing but our specialists are experts in fixing commercial roof repair. We also provide several other services such as commercial roof replacement, roof maintenance, metal roof installation, commercial roof restoration, and much more.

Our Commercial Roofing Specialists at Sydney Roofing and Gutters have what it takes to do the job and give you complete satisfaction. Our team will not leave you until you allow them to leave. They are very professional in work and they strictly follow our ethics while in the working area. See what we can do for you by giving us a call for a free visit and estimate or by sending us a message on our website. You can also fill the contact form below to get a call back from our end.

Our services include:

    • Commercial roof repairs & maintenance services
    • Commercial re-roofing
    • Asbestos audits, removal and re-roofing
    • Roofing audits, consulting & technical advice
    • Metal roof sheeting, wall cladding and replacement
    • Membrane Roofing systems
    • Facade Work
    • Preventative Maintenance and Restorations
    • Gutter cleaning and repairing and all types of gutter services are provided by us.

    To know more about our services call us at 1300796024.

Here Are the Types of Commercial Roofs and Materials That We Use

When choosing the roof for your commercial building, it’s important to consider many aspects. We specialize in all the different types of roofing materials. Our team will update you about the material they are going to use before they start working and they will share with you why they choose such material for your commercial roofing. We always use high quality material for roofing. Few of them are:

This roofing option ranked very high in testing as both being very heat-reflective and long lasting. It is cheaper than traditional material and light weighted too. It is made up of multiple layers to protect your floor.

Made from durable weather-resistant thermoplastic or a synthetic rubber called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). EPDM is a common roofing material used in commercial buildings praised for its long wear. It usually comes in long rolls or sheets for covering large areas quickly. Being elastic in nature, it is very helpful in fixing tough corners. It slips out water particles from its surface that keep it fresh and long lasting.

Metal Roofing has excellent strength and durability. Metal is increasingly being adopted in Commercial Roofs in Sydney. Colorbond metal roofing is a new technology which is surprisingly eco-friendly allowing for water collection, temperature insulation, and noise reduction. It is the most demanding metal for commercial roofing in Sydney. It is less costly and very effective for commercial purposes.

Find out which Roofing Material is best for you by giving us a call or send us an enquiry and our team will recommend the best material to match your building’s needs.

Why Choose Sydney Roofing & Gutters?

We treat every job with dedication to deliver the best results possible

We always perform our task with utmost professional approach

We always try to limit the disruptions while work is in progress & treat your home with the utmost respect

Why Choose Sydney Roofing and Gutters for Your Commercial Roof Work?

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, we consider commercial roofing our speciality. 

We are thelargest commercial roof Contractors and Specialists in Sydney when it comes to any type of Commercial Roofing work.  We have young guys who are well trained and experienced in this field. They complete their work within a given time. They are not in a rush to finish and move to the next client. They will remain with you until and unless you are satisfied by their work done.

When you are looking for a good commercial roofing contractor, Sydney Roofing and Gutters has years of experience in different types of commercial roof replacement as well as roof repairs. We have successfully completed five years in this industry and now we are being counted as experts of this work. Not only we but our team members are also experienced in this field to do this  work.

To get the best results for our customers, we like to be involved in the entire process from design through to inception offering practical advice to architects, planners, contractors, builders and owners. Our design support and quotation service is a key part of our commercial service. We are not limited to our work but we do provide some tips to take care of newly installed roofings to our clients. We respect client’s money, that’s why we always cooperate with our clients. We are always ready to support our client.

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, we pride ourselves in providing you with the most professional and cost effective solutions compared to our competitors for your commercial roofing requirements, whether it is roofing repairs, restoration, re-roof or new roof. We only charge for our work. We do not have any hidden charge as well. We share our estimate to our client at a lower rate. Most importantly, our motive is to work with perfection without counting money. Money is secondary for us.

Sydney Roofing and Gutters has earned a reputation for professionalism and problem solving within the commercial roofing industry. This includes design challenges, strict deadlines and difficult site hurdles. We always focus on solving our client’s problem with the best solution. Our people are creative, that’s why we don’t face any issue with problems. It’s just a matter of time.

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, safety is our priority. On each individual project, we formulate and implement specific safety management plans and safe work methods.

It is ensured by Sydney Roofing and Gutters that only equipment and systems approved by Australian Standards are utilized.

Sydney Roofing and Gutters gives product guarantees and provides guaranteed quality work. So, what are you waiting for? Call us to avail our best services for you. It’s our pleasure to serve you.


  • Contact Sydney Roofing and Gutters via our website or phone to discuss your roofing problems.You can also fill the contact form below inorder to get a call from our end.
  • Our expert professionals will visit your site and meet with you personally
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Once the quotation has been accepted Sydney Roofing and Gutters will commence works around a time-frame to suit your needs


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Frequently Asked Questions

Quote is 100% free, contact us on 1300796024 for a free quote. Will give you a quote on the phone or come visit your property. You can also fill our quote form mentioned below. We will get back to you soon.


We are located in Sydney, New South Wales and operate in every suburb in Sydney. Size doesn’t matter for us, we are ready to work with you. You are just a call away.


We do all types of roofing work, from metal roofing, to roof restoration, gutter installation, gutter cleaning, re-roofs,commercial roofing,all types of service and maintenance related to gutter and roofing.


Yes, We specialise in metal re-roofs. It’s a popular thing now, looks nice and longer lasting. We use metals that are being manufactured by new technology. These metals are light weighted and less costly. These metals save your money upto 50%.It looks nicer than traditional metals.


Yes, We do both gutter repairs & installation no matter the size. Our main motive is to work with you. We provide all types of guttering as well as roofing work. We have specialized people to do these work. They all are licence holders and experienced in this field.


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