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We engaged DBRconstructions & Sydney Roofing & Gutters to re floor our home. They had an extensive range to choose from, (we chose blackbutt flooring) very happy. Very good Roofing and carpentry company.



Excellent eye for detail. Quality workmanship, they built a magnificent pergola around our pool. Perfect for entertaining our Guests we are extremely happy with their work!!



The boys, converted our living room to a spacious area new walls, new doors and more! nothing was a problem. The job was completed on time. Very satisfied.



Commercial Metal Roofing Services Sydney

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, we have the manpower, years of experience, and expertise to deliver prompt and reliable service on all large-scale projects. From new commercial metal roofing installation and repairs to gutter and wall cladding, Sydney Roofing and Gutters has a solution to every type of work and repair in Sydney. Our team of commercial roofing specialists works on a large cross-section of commercials including schools, retail sites, and hospitals, industrial buildings etc. In short we are experts for everywhere whether it is a small or big place for metal roofing systems. Not only do we do commercial metal roofs but we are also specialized in commercial gutters as well. We are not limited to particular areas, we do cover the whole of Sydney for our services.  Regardless of the size or problem Sydney Roofing and Gutters will be able to assist. We provide a range of services for commercial work in Sydney and New South Wales. We understand the bottom line of commercial projects so we will provide you with the most cost effective solution and work with you personally to meet the end result.

Commercial and Industrial metal roofs

We recommend a metal roof system for all commercial roofing projects because it is hard-wearing, long-lasting, and suited to various roof pitches over small and large roof areas.

Installing commercial metal roofing is made easy as it is lightweight, and we will provide you with a large selection of professional solutions to create the right roofing system to meet your needs.

We recommend standing seam metal roofs, Zincalume and Colorbond roofing material as it is the preferred product available for metal roofing in Australia. People in Sydney are moving from their traditional metal roofing system to colorbond roofing material. You must be wondering why ?

The most important reason is it is being prepared by advanced technology and it saves your money as well. There are more benefits to a Colorbond metal roof. Let’s have a look below:

  • Excellent spanning capabilities, allowing more efficient use of a column-free floor area
  • Lower roof pitches, making temperature regulation in large areas more efficient
  • Fast and efficient construction, which reduces overall costs and down time
  • An extensive range of Australian colours, allowing more freedom in creative design
  • Colorbond metal roofs are strong, durable and corrosion resistant, ensuring that your metal roofing projects stays looking good for many years into the future
  • They resist chipping, peeling and cracking and are very low maintenance, saving you money over the long term
  • They are highly non-combustible, termite resistant and solid enough to stand up to our harsh Australian sun

Sydney Roofing and Gutters are happy to give free quotations or tender submissions for all Commercial roofing projects. We are experts for roofing projects and we have specialized people to work upon and  that’s why we are known for commercial roofing companies in Sydney. so call or email us today.


All the materials we use are backed by substantial manufacturers’ warrantees and can vary depending on the product and location of your project. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the service that we have provided; we will keep coming back until you are.

We guarantee expert quality of workmanship, project completion time and very importantly no increase of our quoted price. We follow our strict ethics on work. Whatever we promise to deliver we do more than that

If you run a commercial business in Sydney, the last thing you need is interruptions due to roofing work. Here at Sydney Roofing and Gutters we strive to keep your downtime to the bare minimum. We try our level best not to interrupt you while working and make it done on given time. We consider time management is one of the most important factors in work. We barely disturb our clients as our creative team members are good enough to do their respective job with perfection. 

Not only does the protect the interior from the elements, but it also plays a crucial role in energy efficient. When it comes time to replace an existing metal roof or install a new one, there are a number of factors to consider. Metal roofs are increasingly popular for commercial buildings due to their durability and energy efficiency. However, not all metal roof systems are created equal. Cool metal roofing systems reflect heat and therefore keep the interior of the building cooler, resulting in lower energy costs.

Regardless of what type of commercial establishment you have, a mess, a dining hall or a gym, you can keep your operations running safely in the knowledge that our safety record is the benchmark that other commercial roofing contractors aspire to.

We adopt a number of strategies to keep you working whilst we carry out essential work on your roof including:

  • Install and Certify Roof Safety Anchorage Points
  • String Lining Tarps under the Roof Area
  • Other Temporary Systems that ensure Safety

The measures we take to ensure your productivity continues unhindered, is one of the reasons we stand alone when compared with other industrial roofing companies.

We provide emergency response services and emergency preparation to businesses in Sydney. Our young team members are active all day. We are ready to work in emergencies as well. If you think you need our emergency roof repairs service in Sydney.Don’t hesitate to contact us at 1300796024.It is our duty to complete your work within time.

  • Cyclonic Tie Downs & Preparation

  • Storm Damage

  • Hail and Flooding Damage

  • Fire Damage

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, we pride ourselves in providing you with the most professional and cost effective solutions to your commercial and industrial roofing requirements, whether it is standing seam metal roof, metal roofing panels, roofing repairs, restoration, re-roof, modern metal roofs or new roof.

Considering the level of service we offer to all our clients, our prices are very competitive. We charge for our services and the material we use. We don’t have any hidden change as well. Client satisfaction is our first priority, money is secondary for us. Not only this, whatever the material we use, these all are under manufacturing guarantee. We use only genuine products at a reasonable price. We give our best service to our clients instead of comparing them with our competitors. That’s the reason we are enhancing everyday.

At Sydney Roofing and Gutters, safety is our priority. We comply with all work cover regulations, health and safety legislation, Industry codes and practices. Our all team members are certified by Sydney authority and they all have licence to do this work with full safety. We use well trained people to work with.

Why Choose Sydney Roofing & Gutters?

We treat every job with dedication to deliver the best results possible

We always perform our task with utmost professional approach

We always try to limit the disruptions while work is in progress & treat your home with the utmost respect

Commercial Metal Roof Repair Contractors

Sydney Roofing and Gutters offer a comprehensive repair and restoration solution to any issues you may be experiencing whether it is a leaking roof repair, emergency roof repair, guttering repair as well as non-heritage and heritage projects. We are not limited to commercial roofing services, but also we are specialized in gutter work. We provide all types of commercial roofing and gutter work. It includes repair, installation, gutter cleaning,etc.

Common commercial metal roofing repair jobs we perform include:

Repairing leaks

Repairing weather damage

Treating surface rust or loss of Colorbond coating

Repairing loose sheets (as a result of neoprene seals under screw heads becoming perished)

Repairing perished fiberglass skylight sheeting

Here’s our experienced approach to commercial metal roofing

Once our contractors have thoroughly inspected your roof, we’ll provide an obligation-free Written Quote (detailing the scope of works) plus comprehensive Fixed Pricing, so you can feel confident that there will be NO surprises. We suggest you to call us at 1300796024 and asks us for commercial roofing types we have. We will be glad to help you choose the perfect roofing type for your commercial purpos


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Quote is absolutely free of cost, contact us on 1300796024 for a free quote. Will give you a quote on the phone or come visit your property. You can also fill the contact form below to get a free quote. We will get back to you at earliest.

We (sydneyroofingandgutters) located in Sydney new south wales and operate in every suburb in Sydney. We are operating everywhere in Sydney. You are just a call away and we will be happy to serve you.


Yes,We do both gutter repairs & installation no matter the size. We have highly qualified and licence holder people to do all kinds of guttering work whether it is installation, repair or maintenance work. Work size doesn’t matter for us.What matters for us is clients happiness after work completion.

We do all types of roofing work, from metal roofing, to roof restoration,aluminium gutter, gutter installation, gutter cleaning, re-roofs, stainless steel gutter, whatever the service you think of related to guttering and roofing we offer. We do services and maintenance as well.


Yes, we specialise in metal re-roofs. It’s a popular thing now, looks nice and longer lasting. Easy to install and lightweight, no rusting issue.easy to bend in desired shape. We use the best quality metals at a very reasonable price. We are best in our field that’s why we are growing day by day.


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